Bill Walton on Baseball

Last night, Bill Walton was in the booth with Jason Benetti for the White Sox and Angels. He provided his own unique brand of color commentary and it was a beautiful experience. Here are some of the highlights shared by Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic.

We feel it’s important to start here.

We’re thankful that Trout homered in the game so Walton could give us this gift.

Someone needs to show Bill how Albert Belle used to run the bases.

For any of you aspiring pitchers out there.

We can’t wait to have you back in the booth and in our lives, Bill.  Please come back soon.



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Written by jason
My first crystal clear memory of a baseball game is from when I was about 11 years old, visiting some family friends. The White Sox were playing, and Lance Johnson hit a laser to the wall for a triple that ended with a soaring headfirst slide. My amazement must have been obvious because the guy sitting next to me leaned over, and told me all about that guy on third. I was hooked
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