MLB Custom Leagues 2020 survey

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to get some leagues up and going.  Along with my site partner, we’re hoping to put together as many as 4 leagues.  League settings/makeup will be decided once we’ve had a good number of players express interest.   But I think we want to field some ‘Spring training’ leagues during the month of March, with the ideal launch of our first ‘seasons’ on April 1.  This timeline could change once we all have the game in our hands and get a feel for gameplay.

Thanks to a failed attempt last season by someone else to put together a DD league, I’ve already got a website for us to refer to for schedule, stats, standings, etc. i can even incorporate private message, message boards etc if needed. check it out if you like at MBFA Diamond Dynasty Online

I may have also mentioned my pals at FunTimesGaming to some of you. They’re just another couple of guys looking to bring together casual gamers and build a community around the games they love. They just went live with their first project – an NBA 2k league on Xbox. And a COD Modern Warfare league is coming soon.

Apologies to everyone for the length of the survey! But I wanted to be as thorough as possible in order to put together the best leagues possible.

If you have friends, feel free to share the survey link with them.

Questions?  – let’s chat on the discord server