We don’t get an official Baseball HOF ballot, but if we did…

As proper baseball fans, we dream of having a voice in the most hallowed of shrines among American professional sports.  But until that day comes, we’ll have to fulfill our duty as bearers of the #MakeBaseballFunAgain torch with the unofficial (likely to be unanimously ignored by the BBWAA) 2019 #MakeBaseballFunAgain National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot.

And as fans, we’re not oblivious to the PED issues during the period most of the current candidates played.  In fact, we absolutely believe PEDs have no place in sports at any level.  But, as baseball fans, we believe our Hall of Fame should highlight the greats, the legends, those responsible for the POSITIVE influence they had on today’s product.  If it means some sort of footnote needs to be placed along side their names, so be it.  But the sport will never grow by sweeping its scars under the rug.

A handful of notes:

  • Induction into the HOF requires 75% appearance across all ballots.
  • Back for a 10th year of eligibility, Edgar Martinez and Fred McGriff highlight the Official 2019 BBWAA Ballot. Martinez received 70.4% of the vote in 2018, with McGriff receiving 23.2%.
  • Newcomers to the ballot in 2019 include Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, Andy Pettitte, with an additional collection of names familiar to any baseball fan who was a kid during the Junk Wax Era of baseball card collecting.

At the end of the day, we’re minimalists at heart.  As baseball fans, we celebrate every possible way to #MakeBaseballFunAgain.  But when it comes to the Hall of Fame, we believe the bar should be high.

For 2019, we could only agree on 3 names to send to Cooperstown.

*queue Enter Sandman

Mariano Rivero: easily one of those names that rolls off the tongue during any HOF conversation.  13x time All Star, 5x World Series Champion, multiple postseason MVP awards, and an All Star game MVP award. His breakthrough season came in 1997, and no pitcher was more feared by opposing batters over the next 17 seasons.

Next on the list:

Roger Clemens. So full disclosure, we don’t like the guy. We didn’t care about him going from Boston to the Yankees. There was just always something about the guy we didn’t trust. Like, he just seems like the type of guy who’d toss a sharp piece of wood at a batter for some reason we’re still trying to figure out nearly 20 years later…

But the numbers, the on field performance, and the impact on the game overall cannot be denied: Clemens is a legend.

Nothing screams America’s pastime more than a red faced, angry Texan tossing a fastball at your chin. And among the growing population of BBWAA writers aged 30-40, Clemens is their poster boy for that spirit.  Whether they will admit it via their vote is another thing…


Barry Bonds. It’s time. Trust us – it’s time.

Was he juicing? No doubt. But so were the guys standing 60’+6″ away.  And from 1990-2004, those juiced pitchers all faced the same, binary choice every time Bonds stepped in the box: ‘issue him a free pass or gather the courage to challenge the ascending king.’  Those in the former propelled Bonds to the top of MLB’s all time walks list, while Bonds feasted on the group of courageous in a fashion the game has never seen.

Babe Ruth. Hank Aaron. Barry Bonds. Legends.

It’s time.

Make Baseball Fun Again

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Written by radinsky
One of my oldest baseball memories is of standing in my grandparents' kitchen, watching my uncle dance around with a broom as the Reds swept Oakland in 1990. It was pure, spontaneous emotion, and I can still remember the smile on his face. And it was contagious. That was the day I fell in love with the game. #MakeBaseballFunAgain
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